Makeup FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

I know that world of wedding hair and makeup can be a daunting one. Here are some questions frequently asked by my brides to browse through. Hopefully, these might be useful but please don't hesitate to contact me if you didn't find your answer below.

  • Which is the best and the most affordable bridal makeup service in Bangalore?

    When it comes to the best bridal makeup services, there are only a handful of them that you can trust. To come over to your place of the wedding and doll you up, just the way you want, is something only professional makeup artists can do. Make sure to check the previous reviews while booking your bridal makeup artist.With our rich expertise and professional bridal makeup artists in place, Girlpanda is also well – known for its punctuality and natural-looking bridal makeup services in Bangalore.

  • What are the services that a bridal makeup artist can offer?

    At Girlpanda, we offer an entire bridal makeup package for every occasion of your wedding. From hairstyles to complete HD & Air brush bridal makeup, we offer all the services. Our professional makeup artists will be at your wedding location on-time and ensure your once-in-a-lifetime occasion is just as perfect as you are. We always ensure your makeup goes in synchrony with your jewellery and the tone of your saree or gown. We also provide makeup rehearsal if you are unsure of the kind of professional airbrush makeup & HD Makeup would look on you. What can be better than getting your wedding makeup done from the best bridal makeup artist for your grand day!

  • What is the best time to book a makeup artist for my wedding?

    Makeup artists are in high demand and must be booked as early as possible. We understand that weddings are the most anticipated event in a person’s life and you deserve only the best. So, make sure to book your bridal makeup artist in advance, before the best makeup artists are all taken. It is best to even have a prior chat to understand the prices and the bridal makeup artist’s availability in your city.

  • What is the cost of professional bridal makeup artists in Bangalore?

    The cost of professional makeup artists can vary diversely depending on the scope of makeup they do and the kind of makeup you are looking for. If you are looking for a normal bridal makeup service, the cost may vary between 10 to 12 thousand per occasion, whereas if you go for High-definition makeup, it may range between 12 to 13 thousand per occasion. If you are choosing an Air brush technique for bridal makeup, it could cost you even more than 13 thousand per occasion. Also, some artists offer lower quality makeup that might seem cheaper in your eyes, but you should be ready to compromise with your skin for such quality! However, GirlPanda, one of the top professional bridal makeup artists in Bangalore, makes sure to let its clients know which brands and techniques are being used, before starting on with the wedding makeup journey. This is to maintain the quality of our services as well as give our clients a sense of relief, this in turn, helps build a reliable and transparent relation between both.

  • How is a professional bridal makeup artist different from a regular bridal makeup artist?

    A regular bridal makeup artist may not be professionally capable to use makeup tools and techniques for the ultra-modern bridal look. On the contrary, a professional bridal makeup artist has the right knowledge, training, and most of all, the right tools to give you the perfect wedding look. High-definition bridal makeup can be achieved only by a professional makeup artist, that’s why we can happily vouch for our best wedding makeup services, giving you a completely natural & enchanting look on your most special day! So, make sure you choose the best professional bridal makeup artist.

  • How long does my Bridal Makeup take? Is it inclusive of the Hair-do as well?

    Usually, Professional Bridal Makeup takes around 1-2 hours, as it varies depending on the kind of special touches that are specific to every bride. During this time, we would essentially accentuate a bride’s looks, drape the saree depending on the cultural styles and preferences of the bride and do the hairstyle. The hairdo is a part of the Bridal Makeup package. We would advise you to get them all done by the same Bridal Makeup artist as it would give you a synchronized ensemble that is super perfect for you on such a grand occasion. Things such as saree, jewellery, makeup, and the hairstyle all together contribute to the perfect look of the bride.

    Having said that, do not hesitate to trust in the exceptional bridal makeup services of Girlpanda, a leading professional bridal makeup service in Bangalore!

  • Is high-definition makeup or airbrush makeup better for the wedding?

    HD makeup is High-definition makeup whereby the products are specially designed to give a high-definition finish with the help of Micro Mattifying Foundation and MAC Studio Fix powder exclusively. The technique is tailored to suit every single precision and naturally cover the flaws of the face such as dark circles, spots, and scars. Airbrush Makeup is a tool with which makeup is done. Though it is expensive, yet it gives you a very rich and high-toned, or say film star kind of look! Here too, the products that are uniquely designed for airbrush are used. Well, it is up to the personal choice of every bride to decide what she wants and what would fit her best. Overall, the latter technique gives a long-lasting finish that makes you stand out from the normal crowd. Both styles of makeup are great choices for bridal makeup. Consult Girlpanda, one of the best bridal makeup artists in Bangalore, now and understand what is best suited for your skin type.

  • Any extra charges for advanced bridal hairstyles? Also, do you provide hair accessories as well?

    No, there are no extra charges for advanced bridal hairstyles. I have had a good experience of working across many brides and their hairstyles, hence I can give you the most advanced hairstyles with ease. I have a variety of hair accessories with me, even you could select amongst them to match your hairstyle and dress. Bridal hairstyles and hairdos such as Moggina Jade are the most popular hairstyles for weddings. For the muhurtham, if you wish to have Moggina Jade, you can get it done and the makeup artist will add it for you. If you have no access to it and want our assistance, we will be more than happy to get it done for you, but extra charges may apply.